Can You Guess What Social Media Mavens Crave in 2014? (Hint: YOU)


Some weeks ago I walked into the hotel lobby in my conference guise to pick up my name tag. It was in San Diego. “Hey Zuuuzi!!” Ian Cleary greeted me from afar. He is the founder of We knew each other online as he wrote about our tool on his blog several times. He told me


11 Ways To Delight Your Customers AND Keep Your Mind Sound


Yeah, yeah. The gurus tell you to love your customers. But sometimes customers aren’t so lovable. They’re lazy. Impatient. And they bother you with questions that are answered on your website. Are they stupid? When listening to complaints and silly questions it’s hard to keep your cool and your sanity. I know that! In our

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How to Use Facebook Insights to Win Business?


Wow, ten more Likes! And someone both commented and shared your post! These are the small successes of a social media manager… Another piece of happiness. But don’t let the shiny numbers fool you. They are only superficial and there is much more out there. One aspect of Facebook for businesses that is particularly helpful


Do These 13 Silly Mistakes Make Your Facebook Contest a Miserable Failure?


Close your eyes, and picture this. Your contest was a huge success! The winners have already received their prizes, leads are in your CRM. All done. Your email marketer colleague is nodding appreciatively. The ads colleague has a content smile on his face for the nice conversion numbers. Your boss is happy for the money


15 Pro Hacks: Social Media Success Without Sucking Away Your Time

Antavo shortcuts

For some reason, the word “shortcut” gets a bad rap in business. It is depicted as cheap, easy, and sometimes, downright lazy. But what about the shortcut that got you to a client dinner on time, helped make an impactful presentation, or gave you more time to focus on engaging? These shortcuts are a way


10 Facebook Status Ideas Guaranteed to Get Comments, Likes, and Shares


Do you have a Facebook page that’s struggling to take off? Does it feel like a ghost town? Is maintaining a Facebook page starting to feel like a waste of time? It’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve followed all the advice you could find. From posting regularly to running competitions and even advertising on


5 Simple Steps to a Social Media Budget That Will Win Your Boss Over


The time has come. You do social media… You have some thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter already. But to effectively scale your efforts you need a social media budget. You have the ideas and a realistic strategy. Now you need a budget for advertising and for purchasing some tools that are going to make


The Definitive Guide To Preventing Facebook Contest Cheating and Fraud


Have you ever felt anxious as a marketer? Have you felt fear, uncertainty, and despair? If you have ever produced ads, contests or sent out newsletters then it is likely that you have! During a Facebook contest there are many things that can rue n the “party” you have been planning for weeks. It leaves


[INFOGRAM] 7 Big Wig Tips To Promote Your Event With Social Media


Are you holding an event or a conference? Wondering how to best promote your event with social media? I researched and asked for tips from pro event organizers, in order to help your next event sell out. WARNING: these tips may need you to re-book the event venue as people will flow in!! #1. Increase