It’s been a crazy 6 months…it’s exciting to be a start-up


Time surely runs quickly here at Antavo. This year we released a new product, a point-based loyalty programme that helps online retailers to increase the recency, frequency, and monetary value of their clients’ spend. In addition, our team grew to 13 and we keep hiring to maintain healthy growth. Finally, we decided that it’s in


How Much Will a Loyalty Programme Cost You?


You have decided to run a loyalty programme, and have planned every inch of it from rewards to activities. Now, you are faced with the most critical question: How much will it hurt your marketing budget? If you’re not careful, your loyalty programme can really suck up the money. No worries. I have collected a

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How to Make Your Loyalty Programme Rewards Irresistible


Every great story can be ruined by clichés. Ordinary rewards can also ruin your loyalty programme’s success story. Why? Because customers are immune to them. To avoid this happening, just make your rewards so irresistibly sexy that your customers can’t get enough of them. It may seem impossible or mysterious at first, but it’s easier


7 Starting Points to Design Your Loyalty Programme Reward System


Uncertainty and hard decisions. You have just started designing a reward system for your loyalty programme, and suddenly many unanswered questions pop up. Okay. These questions are great as a starting point. Don’t worry; creating a well-functioning reward system for a loyalty programme is not rocket science. Based on my experience with creating loyalty programmes,


5 Loyalty Programme Tips That Help Webshops Energise Customers


Do you want a loyalty programme for your webshop? Or perhaps you already have one, and don’t exactly know how to keep your customers interested and engaged? Are you afraid of losing customers who have signed up to your programme? First, know that there is nothing to fear. There are several creative ways to engage


How to Plan a First-Class Loyalty Program for Your Customers


Does building an entire loyalty program seem like an overwhelming marketing challenge in your eyes? A Gordian knot that you can’t solve yourself? Don’t worry. A loyalty program is not as complicated and mysterious as you might think. You just need to find the way that fits your company best. But how exactly can you


How Gamification Can Make Your Marketing Fun for Customers


Do you remember when you received multiple invites from Candy Crush Saga on Facebook? Or were you hooked on the game too? According to the developer – – it had 93 million active daily players last year. What a shocking number! My best friend is also among the “can’t get enough of it” side


[INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Smooth Contest Ideas to Amuse Your Customers in 2015


Are you now planning your marketing activities for this year? (Or are you procrastinating planning?) I know it’s not easy. But it’s great to have some guidance when you look up from all the operational work and think to yourself, what’s next? In this case, the guidance comes from yourself, your January-self who did a


How To Craft Catchy (But Not Salesy) Copy For Social Contests


Isn’t it hard to create the right copy to your contests? Something that sounds good, tells all the details and isn’t all salesy? There is so much competition out there. Read these tips so your voice will be heard. The Power of Words The pressure is on to produce a contest that not only brings in