Antavo 2.0: for high conversion in online marketing. Personalization is a challenge no more.

Antavo has just launched its new product version, which builds upon and extends the existing contest builder. It helps marketing professionals more effectively target their ads and newsletters through deep customer insights and customer segmentation.

In the past 6 months we asked our clients about their best marketing practices, fears, and most importantly their needs. During these interviews we learnt that the major issues were driving traffic to the promotions and using the data collected, including the email addresses. These are the actions directly before and after the promotion campaign, which ultimately have a significant influence on the overall return of the efforts.

With the new release of Antavo we are aiming to address these problems. So what do you get?

To sum it up:

  1. Viral contests to engage and attract customers
  2. Facebook ad-kit to optimize and target ad-spend
  3. Customer insights and segmentation for clear vision
  4. Personalized emails to convert leads into repeat customers

We would like to whole-heartedly thank our 14.000 users for their help and advice in making this tool better. As a result of you our website and customer support is now available in 4 languages, whilst our promotions in 27.

Let’s talk about this latest set of improvements in more detail.

#1. Viral contests to engage and attract customers


This is the pre-existing part of Antavo that you already know about. We offer several ways to encourage lead generation and engagement: contests, sweepstakes and deals.


Contests are a perfect way to engage fans and reach their friends. This viral effect stems from the campaign mechanics, where uploaded content can be voted for by the entrants’ network. Winners may be drawn from both the submissions and the voters.

There are four types of contests we offer currently:

  • Photo contest: ask entrants to upload a photo related to your brand.
  • Video contest: take the photo contest one step further and ask fans to upload videos.
  • Essay contest: fans can upload a story based on your instructions and they can also include images.
  • Prezi contest: ask fans to tell a story with the unique zooming presentation tool, called Prezi. Very fancy!
Contests are to reach a very large audience.

Contests are to reach a very large audience.


Sweepstakes are chance-based promotions that can help you to generate tons of email leads through viral incentives. Subscribers can increase their probability of winning by inviting friends to participate.

  • Quiz: encourage subscribers to learn more about your brand, as they need to answer a question correctly to enter.
  • Poll: ask for the opinion of your fans on a pre-defined topic.
  • Draw: this is the easiest type of sweepstakes, as the barrier to entry is super-low. People just need to submit their contact details.
Sweepstakes are perfect for lead generation.

Sweepstakes are perfect for lead generation.


Deals are special sales events where people have the opportunity to claim your product or service at a discounted price. They can redeem a coupon code online or bring a printed coupon to your store.

  • Coupon: Offer a percentage-off coupon, or a “buy-one-get -one-free” deal.
  • Group offer: a minimum number of participants need to enter to unlock the deal.
  • Giveaway: great for distributing overstocked inventory or free samples. Everybody receives something in exchange for his or her contact details.
Deals encourage immediate sales.

Deals encourage immediate sales.


#2. Facebook ad-kit to optimize and target ad-spend


Why advertising on Facebook?

According to Facebook’s infographics, ads may provide a 300% return on your expenditures, a great reason to advertise on Facebook.

Sharp targeting

Antavo helps you to drive more traffic to your promotion campaign and also effectively engage with the subscribers after completion.

Here are some creative ideas for conscious advertising:

  • Reach new people. During your campaign exclude those from targeting, who have already entered any of your promotions before, so that they won’t be poked by your ad again.
  • Retarget previous campaign participants. They know your contest already and can stimulate initial traffic to the promotion, by entering and inviting their friends.
  • Addressing influencers. Aim to reach those, who have been your earlier advocates to kick-off your next contest or sweepstakes on a solid footing.

You see, everything depends on what your marketing goal is.

Export the list of subscribers with their Facebook ID’s from Antavo. Here is how…

Export the list of subscribers with their Facebook ID’s from Antavo. Here is how…

Having run a promotion, it is possible to export the list of Facebook ID’s to the Facebook’s advertising system. This allows you to either exclude or re-target the subscribers of your previous sweepstakes or contests.

Clear ad performance

Thanks to Antavo’s recent development it is possible to see how many people subscribed to your promotion from a particular ad. Just insert the Facebook pixel ID from Facebook’s advertising system to the promotion application and see the metrics on Facebook.

Basically, it will be a conversion number of the people who clicked on the ad, with the people who actually signed up to the promotion. Note that if your ad is very successful in delivering clicks, but weak in converting them to subscribers, then it is considered to be an expensive ad.

To overcome this:

  • You may want to target your ad more effectively, or be more specific, so visitors actually become interested in subscribing.
  • Enhance the front page and entry form of your contest app.

On the other hand, if your ads are clicked on by a few, but most of them actually subscribe – then you might have a ‘silver bullet’ situation.

Here is how to add the Facebook Pixel ID to the app.

Here is how to add the Facebook Pixel ID to the app.

#3.  Customer insights and segmentation for clear vision

IMG_07122013_134534Envisage your prospects – see their photos, preferences and demographical data, allowing you to send them targeted messages. The more you know about your Facebook fans, contest and sweepstakes subscribers; the better your chance of converting them into a customer.

The “engagement score”

There is a unique “engagement score” calculated by Antavo, which allows you to see how committed your prospects are to your brand. Our system automatically categorizes them into 4 categories, so you can communicate with them more targetedly.

This real-time score dissolves to 0 in 30 days and is calculated based upon various metrics collected including:

  • How a subscriber interacts with your Facebook posts
  • The subscriber’s activities within a particular promotion campaign (number of invites and shares, etc.)
  • And a new component is coming soon: the opening rate of your newsletters.
The “engagement score” is quite high here. You may also see demographical data and entry form responses.

The “engagement score” is quite high here. You may also see demographical data and entry form responses.

The more engaged the subscribers are; the better response they have on sales offers.

Take these ideas for targeting a person with a high “engagement score”:

  • send a sales email
  • sell them a premium service
  • ask for feedback on future product releases
  • make case studies out of them
  • ask them for testimonials
  • in short: use them to activate the subscribers with low “engagement score”.

Also, some tips for targeting a person with a low “engagement score”:

  • motivate them through other sweepstakes and contests
  • send them case studies of satisfied customers
  • sell them lower priced products or services

Customer profiles

We build up the profile of your customer based on the following data:

  1.  entry form responses
  2. promotion activity
  3. demographical information (age, location, gender, etc.)

Such segmentation allows you to build custom groups of people with similar taste, product preference or geographical location, for instance. Why is it good for you?… see this equation: personalized communication = outstanding conversion. Keep on reading…

#4. Personalized emails to convert leads into repeat customers

IMG_07122013_134532The step that is often missed after completing the promotion campaign is converting your subscribers into paying customers! Do it wisely, and your bank account will bring you joy!

Synchronize your segments with the newsletter provider you trust, in real-time, enabling you to send tailored information and offers to your leads. Send content they actually care about.

You could send an email like this, where brackets are for personalized content:

“Hi (John), I am glad to see that you are an (active fan) after entering our (summer sweepstakes). I know you purchased your (type) camera (2 years ago), so I thought to reach out and ask if you were ever thinking about upgrading to the latest product of (Nikon). Etc.”

Antavo works with every major newsletter provider and has deeper integration with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Benchmark Email, Mad Mimi and AWeber. More will be coming soon.

IMG_07122013_134528 XXXSo how does it work again? You can create custom lists based on any data listed at #3.  These custom lists refresh in real-time, new information and new subscribers are automatically added or adapted once another campaign is launched. For example, if it turns out that someone has moved to another city, she will be taken out of the segment (and possibly added to a new one).

Here you can add all details of your newsletter. Synchronization is real-time.

Here you can add all details of your newsletter. Synchronization is real-time.

Let’s sum it up with an example

Imagine lead generation combined with personalized emails and targeting. All possible in 4 simple steps:

  1. You wish to engage with camera owners in your city. So you run a contest to build an initial database. In this contest you ask about the type of camera body they use, as you want to upsell specific lenses later on. (See #1.)
  2. You also use Facebook ads to target people interested in photography. These ads direct them to the application. During the promotion you exclude those who have already subscribed, so you dedicate all your expenditure on new customer acquisition only. (See #2.)
  3. Once the campaign is completed, you have a database of prospects with visible interaction level. You have also learnt about the camera they own, see their demographical info and even their photos. (See #3.)
  4. You wisely build some custom groups based on the camera bodies listed, so you can sell them lenses deemed to best fit via email. You also send special discounts to your advocates. (See #4.)

It’s that easy. Thank you for taking the time to read through this post!

Log into the platform here, and start your first campaign, so you can experience the new functionalities introduced. Also, don’t forget, Antavo has a free trial, and paying plans start from $25.

Antavo 2.0: for high conversion in online marketing. Personalization is a challenge no more. by
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Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is CMO and co-founder of Antavo, a marketing tool to create sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to Facebook, mobile and web. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn!
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  • Renaud & Sarah

    brilliant! Running a festival promotion right now and it work like gangbuster. I am at 60% conversion. Do you think it is wise to get rid of the Last Name in the form to increase conversion?

    • Zsuzsa Szabo

      Hi Renaud, I am happy for you! 60% conversion is very good. For the moment Antavo has the Last Name as a default setting that you can’t remove, but allowing removal is on our development list.

  • Antonio Calero

    I’m looking forward to test all these features, they look very promising…

    • Zsuzsa Szabo

      I am glad Antonio :) I look forward receiving your feedback!