Better Customization and Transparency – new functions!


We have released new features for reviewing your subscribers’ information, for editing your promotion’s shared view and for selecting winners at contests. These functions make our easy-to-use interface more transparent as providing you a wide range of flexibility. Keep reading!

1) Edit your promotions’ shared info

Want to make a unique link for your promotion? With a new function on the ‘Dashboard‘ you may change this link. In the ‘Preview‘ you may see right away how your promotion’s shared info will appear on social channels like Facebook.


Upload a picture, write a new title and description which will be seen on social media channels like Facebook.

2) Send out admin (dis)approved auto messages

It helps you to inform your subscribers of the most important steps which may concern them at photo and video contests. This function is only available if you have turned ON the ‘Admin approval‘ option under the ‘Entry’ label.


At photo and video contests write custom notifications for entrants when their entries are approved or disapproved by you.


3) Select winners among the voters in 3 ways

This option provides you an opportunity to lead more traffic to your contests as you motivate not just the uploaders, but the voters as well to participate for prizes.

At contests you may choose winners from the voters randomly with 2 methods and manually.

4) Where your subscribers came from

You don’t need to export your subscribers’ list anymore for checking out which subscriber’s shared link (‘Originator’) directed him or her to your promotion. Now you may check this out on the subscribers’ list as clicking on ‘Details‘.  The ‘Originator’ is only visible if you have turned On the ‘Sharing for bonus entry points‘ at the Post Entry Page.


Check out which subscriber’s link directed your new subscriber to your promotion.

5) See every details on your subscribers

During your promotion you may want to select your winners or to ban them based on the answers they gave on your Entry Form. Click on ‘Details‘ at the subscribers’ list and check out their answers.


View your entrants’ answers which they gave on your entry form.


Do you like these new features? Please share your thoughts with me and try out these new features by logging into the Antavo platform.

Better Customization and Transparency - new functions! by
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Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is CMO and co-founder of Antavo, a marketing tool to create sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to Facebook, mobile and web. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn!
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