How can I sync my subscribers with MailChimp?

You can set up synchronization to push the collected data to your newsletter provider.

First, you need to connect with your MailChimp account. Second, you need to set up lists where your subscribers will go.

Connect your newsletter provider

  1. Go to the upper right corner and open your „Profile”.
  2. Click the gear icon next to your Brand.
  3. Click “Synchronize”.
  4. Select MailChimp from the list.

Select MailChimp from the list.

5. Enter your MailChimp login information (the email address and password that you normally use there). Click “Log in”.

Here you should give your MailChimp username and password.

6. Now your accounts are connected.

Set up newsletter lists

The next step is to choose which email list you would like your subscribers to be synced to. This option becomes available after you have at least one subscriber under “Customer Insights”.

1. Go to “Customer insights” and select a segment that you want to sync. Then click on the “Sync with your MailChimp account” button in the top-right corner.

Select a segment to start synchronization.

2.Set which MailChimp list you want to sync subscribers to, or create a new list.

Select the list where your subscribers will be synced.

3. Subscribers’ names and email addresses will automatically sync to your list, but you can also sync other data. From the “Campaign Form Fields,” select which entry form answers you would like to add as an extra field.

You can sync data that you collected with your campaigns.

4. Save your settings.

Now your selected group will automatically sync and refresh once every day.

You can now send newsletters to subscribers with MailChimp.

How can I sync my subscribers with MailChimp? by
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