Email is almighty…? Well, not far from it, as long as you use this unique approach!


Email works. Period. If you have any doubts about that then you should read Francisco Rosales’ post or take a look at some hard metrics published by Emarketer. After which you can address the real question: how can email campaigns be transformed into undefeatable warriors?

Step 1. Double your email list

First, you need to build a rather extensive email list, which you can then benefit from. With the help of Antavo you can run viral contests to collect thousands of email addresses from your Facebook Page and website.

Contests convert very well, and are a low-cost solution to growing and engaging your audience. But let the numbers talk!

Step 2. Understand your audience through the power of segmentation

Antavo has recently released its new feature, called ‘Audience’. It aims to help you in user profiling, starting from social data and contest actions to customer insights and newsletter activity.

Our platform automatically builds email groups based upon the information obtained through the contests, additionally it is also possible to segment based on your own criteria. Smart, isn’t it?

Auto-sync is at your service.

Step 3. Send personalized emails to see your ROI exploding

We are proud to have some of the world’s top newsletter providers integrated into our platform. ActiveCampaign, Mad Mimi and Benchmark Email are already available to synchronize your segmented groups into A+ services, seamlessly and in real-time.

This is the point when you become really powerful. You can deliver content that people actually care about! Having understood your customers, you can now send them tailored offers.

Step 4. Learn and make it happen

If you would like to start, then you should sign-up to our service today and activate the free trial. Also, here are the links to set up your ActiveCampaign or Mad Mimi account in the system.  Furthermore, should you wish to hear more about this topic, then check out the below video. Let the experts talk!

Email is almighty…? Well, not far from it, as long as you use this unique approach! by
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Andras Bencsik

Entrepreneur with varied banking and business development experience. Co-founded Antavo Limited and working on global scaling.
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