[INFOGRAPHIC] How We Increased Revenue by 1100%, Doubled our Team & Expanded Internationally in 12 months?

I feel slightly overwhelmed with happiness whilst writing this post to you today! I am sure quite a few of you have decided, at one point or another, to hop onto those dreaded scales and nervously check out your new weight! It is often the time when aims have either become reality or a distant dream.

Well, a few days ago, we decided to hop onto those scales and see how the weight of our business was shaping up. Our aim was to develop from a “startup” and into a “business”.

After a few nervous moments, we finally saw the numbers and were delighted with the result – we had progressed according to our planned aims from the previous year.

I thought that our transparency might also help some other aspirate startups, so please continue to read if you are curious about what we did and how we did it.

Before I go into the details I would like to thank our amazing customers for being with us throughout, providing feedback and supporting us along our journey. You are the single most-important reason for us working on this company.

Here are the main points:

  • Enhanced product: We evolved from being a Facebook contest platform into a contest and activation suite – meaning we now have a product 4 times more powerful than before. (We wrote a post about the changes.)
  • Growing team: at this time last year we had 6 people working at Antavo; we now have 14.
  • Users: Based on todays numbers – Antavo has users from 172 countries.
  • Revenue: we increased revenue by 1100%, when compared to last year.
  • International growth: we added country managers in South America, Central Europe and South East Asia, with customer support available in the local languages.
  • Integrations: the Antavo platform now integrates with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Benchmark Email, Mad Mimi, MailChimp and Pure360. As Antavo stands for collecting leads and segmenting groups of potential customers, these email providers help to deliver the actual message. Here is a post that details why it’s a great fit.
  • Advisors: it’s not specified in the infographic, but in addition to the always calm and professional Zoltan Vardy, we recently added Ben Pickering as an advisor. He has many years of executive experience in online media, including as the former CEO of Strutta.


All that I think is left to say is – Thank you for being a part of our journey! We hope that we can continue to help your business grow.

Are you curious about something else? Post a comment, and I will try to answer your question in as much detail as I can.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How We Increased Revenue by 1100%, Doubled our Team & Expanded Internationally in 12 months? by
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Attila is the CEO of Antavo. Connect with him on Google+.
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