[INFOGRAPHIC] Valentine’s Day Marketing – How To Make It Work For You?

Are you having an inexplicable feeling about Valentine’s Day?

That feeling that you should somehow surprise your customers, just like all the other companies will.

But it is easier said than done… I can understand that you don’t want to be unoriginal and come across as stale, or equally do too much or something embarrassing.

Well, indeed, Valentine’s Day is a big marketing holiday, so it’s worth taking your time and figuring out what you can do.

In this post you will find some tips on how to sell both “giftable products” like flowers, jewelry or chocolate and also those products that are not seen as a direct gift-fit.

Items such as an umbrella or financial services. – which are hardly a conventional gift-fit.

What, And For How Much?

Did you know that men spend almost twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day gifts?

In fact certain sources suggest that 53% of women would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentine’s Day.

Poor men, there is a lot of pressure on them.

This can give some ideas on who you should target with your campaign, particularly if you are hesitant.


Men outspend women. They spend twice as much as women.

This is what people usually buy:

  •  Greetings cards – 65%
  •  Date night – 44%
  •  Candy – 38%
  •  Flowers – 32%
  •  Gift card – 19%

Besides people surprising their beloved ones it is also common to buy gifts for others too. See how much they spend:

  •  Friends – $6,30
  •  Pets – $5,04
  •  Classmates – $4,97
  •  Co-workers – $3,41

People not only spend money on their significant other, but also on friends, pets, classmates and co-workers.

There are a lot of opportunities you might consider. Finding your “Valentine’s Day catch”, sending targeted emails and running targeted ads are just a few of these.

I will detail these shortly, but first of all here is the info-graphic!


Antavo’s Infographics for Valentine’s day

(Here is the info graphic in original size.)

See? Even unsexy products have the ability to take advantage of the holiday with a good copy, or by gifting their own customers.

Here are a few of the opportunities that you have to take advantage of on this special occasion.

#1. Segment Your Email List

You can email everyone, but definitely not with the same message!

Segmenting based on gender is a no-brainer as Ilma writes on Mailerlite’s blog:

“Use a certain tone for writing emails for males and females. Create a sense of urgency and stress the benefits of getting things done now (and remind males how annoying shops can be!). Solve their problem in your headlines and email Subject lines, such as: Can’t think of what to get her? Well that’s because you haven’t seen our Valentine’s Idea’s Yet…”

If you want to dig even deeper when personalizing your messages, then think about people’s relationship status, and if they are happy with it.

Just like the first chart on the infographic shows:

Happy and less happy people on Valentine’s Day.

Happy and less happy people on Valentine’s Day.


You won’t want to advertise a romantic night out to a single woman looking for love.

Segmenting your email address list based on relationship status is not that easy, but here is where Facebook can help…

#2. Run Targeted Ads

When targeting your ads you can segment based on their relationship status, gender and age.

As a 17-year-old boy, in a relationship will have different ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift when compared to a 55 year old man.

Take a look at these ideas here on advertising:

  • Single ladies: “This is what a single lady must have for V-day. Come and get your 20% off coupon.”
  •  People in a relationship: “Upload your favorite romantic photo and possibly win a weekend getaway.”
  • Single men: “Why spend hundreds of dollars on diamonds when you can buy this for yourself? Every combo kit toolset is just $499 this weekend.”

Actually, in an effort to protect single people from Valentine’s Day sadness Facebook decided to block dating sites from advertising since January, according to this post on Business Insider.

#3. Gift Your Customers

If your product or service is not a typical Valentine’s Day gift fit, you can still make your customers happy. (V-day is about gifting your loved ones, and your company loves your customers, right?)

Your gift, your “unique catch” might be free wrapping, free shipping or a coupon code. Read this post on Valentine’s Day marketing for some unique ideas.

Alternatively you may run a photo contest or a sweepstakes like a hair care product that attracted 2,800 new fans and 3,300 email subscribers. (This is what tools like Antavo can help with.)

Or if you are bold, why not try sending postcards or creating your first Vine video? Kayla Minguez from WebpageFX has written a great post about special campaigns, which help incorporate Valentine’s Day into your marketing strategy.

Gifting your customers is just as good as donating time to charity.

Gifting your customers is just as good as donating time to charity.

Over to you

During Valentine’s Day you have the opportunity to engage with your customers and to find new ones.

Ensure you empathize with your customers and show them you care.

We will also try to surprise our customers and users – to find out how… I urge you to sign up and then you will see what we did!

What will you do this year? What was your best/craziest idea for Valentine’s day?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Valentine’s Day Marketing – How To Make It Work For You? by
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