The Definitive Guide To Preventing Facebook Contest Cheating and Fraud


Have you ever felt anxious as a marketer? Have you felt fear, uncertainty, and despair? If you have ever produced ads, contests or sent out newsletters then it is likely that you have! During a Facebook contest there are many things that can rue n the “party” you have been planning for weeks. It leaves


[INFOGRAM] 7 Big Wig Tips To Promote Your Event With Social Media


Are you holding an event or a conference? Wondering how to best promote your event with social media? I researched and asked for tips from pro event organizers, in order to help your next event sell out. WARNING: these tips may need you to re-book the event venue as people will flow in!! #1. Increase

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Lessons from Pokemon: How to Segment Your Contact List for E-Marketing


DISCLAIMER: I was never that kid that obsessively collected Pokemon cards, nor do I have any knowledge on how you ‘gotta catch them all.’ But this was the first analogy that popped into my head when I thought of segmenting hundreds of items into simple categories that will make them easier to manage. So…here we


3 LAST MINUTE Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Tips to Implement TODAY


Oh no, Valentine’s Day is coming! Are you still looking for some inspiration on how to surprise your customers or your significant other? You didn’t have the time; you were dealing with something else very important. An ad campaign, a blog post, or a Facebook contest… and you forgot to think about your own email


[INFOGRAPHIC] Valentine’s Day Marketing – How To Make It Work For You?


Are you having an inexplicable feeling about Valentine’s Day? That feeling that you should somehow surprise your customers, just like all the other companies will. But it is easier said than done… I can understand that you don’t want to be unoriginal and come across as stale, or equally do too much or something embarrassing.


7 Valentine’s Day Facebook Marketing Tips If You Don’t Sell Lingerie


“Valentine’s day is big for businesses!!” That is what you can hear anywhere and everywhere. Are you worried that it’s not big for your business? Concerned that you are missing a golden opportunity? This is understandable if you don’t sell sexy lingerie, jewelry or chocolate. Even though your product is not directly related to Valentine’s


Shaken Not Stirred: The Importance Of a Name In Email Marketing


Have you ever seen a 007 movie? You know… Bond… James Bond. The ultimate British spy who always manages to come out on top no matter what dire circumstances he faces. One of my favorite things about James Bond is that he was more than just a number (007)…he was also a name. What does James


[INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Viral Facebook Contest Ideas To Help You For The ENTIRE YEAR


Dazzling eyes…dehydration. These are my symptoms after hours of planning blog posts, Facebook contests, and guest posts. I know that planning is needed, fine, but who knows what will happen in 3 months? Particularly as an internet-month is equivalent to like 3 years! Leaving the possibility for a lot to happen during that time. However,