6 Mighty Social Media Tools to Accelerate Your Facebook Contests

Can you keep up with the rapid changes in social media marketing?

Do you think that a year feels like a century?

The competition is fierce out there and it getting harder and harder to provide more value to your customer.

I have been working intensively in social media for the past four years, and it is clear to me that one of the social media strategies that has remained stable over the years is Facebook contests.

Contests Are a Solid Way of Building Your List

Facebook contests are a secure way to engage and grow your audience, especially if you are a B2C marketer.

Like-gated contests are a great way to attract new fans, and their largest benefit is that they can feed your email marketing list.

It’s a like-gated contest. People need to “like” your Page first to see the content.

It’s a like-gated contest. People need to “like” your Page first to see the content.

Promote the Contest to Attract Subscribers

Once you have decided on your Facebook contest concept, format and design you are ready to launch.

Of course the first thing you should do is to use your existing social media channels to drive traffic, but there are some tools that can help to speed up the process.

Check out the social media tools I use:

#1. Get Ideas and Optimize with Hootsuite

If you don’t use Hootsuite yet, you should.

It’s a breeze to share your Facebook contest with all followers on all of your different channels. You can even set up keyword searches to track competitors’ contests in order to generate ideas.

You can also identify conversations surrounding your own contest and optimize the format or prizes accordingly.

I have been on their PRO Plan for a while for a very affordable $9.99 per month and it definitely gets the job done.


#2. Use Oktopost to Measure Your Efforts

Oktopost does the same thing as Hootsuite, but it is more suited to B2B companies. (See the comparison in an infographic I published a few weeks ago.)

The main benefit of Oktopost is that you can organize your posts by campaigns and then measure their performance by channels, so you will know what to focus on.

For example with GetApp we launched a contest last December and created a campaign. I scheduled messages for the different networks and monitored which messages and networks worked best. Then I invested my efforts according to the results.


#3. Boost Posts to Reach More People

Boosting posts on Facebook is not an application but part of the Facebook functionalities.

It allows you to increase the reach of your post, which was recently affected by the change Facebook applied a few months ago to their algorithm that has limited the amount of page posts visible to the users’ timelines.

You can either promote to existing fans and their friends or target a specific segment based on their interests. For all intents and purposes, I recommend targeting a specific segment.


#4. Email Your List to Supply Initial Traffic

If you have a mailing list, by all means use it! Even though people on your list are not “new leads”, they can invite friends, as there is an inbuilt viral mechanism in most of the contests.

In my own experience, newsletters with contests have on average a 5% increase in open rate compared to others.

I use Mailjet, which is a very simple to use software with flexible pricing, including Pay-As-You-Go pricing if you don´t plan on using it regularly.

Be creative with the title and avoid the “win” word so it does not end up in Spam.


#5. Source Royalty Free Images From Flickr

Attractive images can improve the reach of your Facebook posts.

When sharing your contest you don’t need to stick to those images used in your contest design, instead you can experiment with others.

Stock images can be very expensive and sometimes I need more than 5 per day. I search images on Flickr and filter the Creative Commons ones – they are free.


#6. Use a Facebook Ad Manager to Optimise Your Budget

If you have a larger advertising budget to drive traffic to your app, it might be worth it to optimize how the money is spent.

Qwaya can help to automate campaigns by setting rules and easily creating ad variations.

You can use the different photos you find on Flickr and create a minimum of three ads, then track their performance for a few days and optimize.


The Secret to Work Smarter Not Harder

Having an attractive contest app and alluring prizes are the basics of increased engagement.

Using additional tools can accelerate your efforts.

Otherwise, it’s like inviting friends to Thanksgiving dinner and not having an oven for the turkey.

Start with the easiest one, like searching for enticing images on Flickr.

After all this, your Facebook contest can’t fail.

You have no excuse!

6 Mighty Social Media Tools to Accelerate Your Facebook Contests by
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Mila Nikolova

Mila heads the social media efforts at GetApp. She worked at FORBES covering emerging industries then switched to consulting internet start-ups and B2C brands in travel and retail.

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