Tempting Promotion Templates For Easier Promotion Building


Our handsome and ready-to-go promotion templates make your designer’s life easier. Actually you don’t even need a designer. The template provides you with a structure to improve the overall design.

You may chose any of these templates in our platform when you create a new campaign. They work with every promotion type, and you can use them free of charge.

antavo_facebook_promotion_app_template1 antavo_facebook_promotion_app_template1.png

Nice holiday template with some icy blue!

 antavo_facebook_promotion_app_template2 antavo_facebook_promotion_app_template2.png

Magical Christmas feeling – we have this template with the opportunity to upload an image!


antavo_facebook_promotion_app_template3 antavo_facebook_promotion_app_template3.png

Warm like a leather sandal? 😀


This quiz template is very visual, thanks to the large header image you can upload. Plus, there is a space for your company’s logo!



Earth colours make your brand more trustful, did you know it? This coupon template shows how many products were sold already, and how many are still available.



This playful “enter and win” sweepstakes template turns on your promotion receptors.


This clean “vote and win” sweepstakes template allows you to upload your company logo. You can ask your customer’s opinion in order to win.



This template is left empty for you to customize it. 100% flexible.

Select a promotion type, choose a template and off you go. Share it with us and we’ll give you our feedback (first impression, visual aspect…)

Your turn!

Do you want to see another template matching to what you do? For example if you have a football team and you give away a T-shirt, you may want to have a template with balls and green grass.

Tempting Promotion Templates For Easier Promotion Building by
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Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is CMO and co-founder of Antavo, a marketing tool to create sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to Facebook, mobile and web. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn!
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