Tools That Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts

Is your business entirely unique?

No? Don’t worry.

It doesn’t need to be.

There are many similar businesses out there, and that doesn’t mean that yours cannot be successful.

The biggest factor that makes a real difference in sales is your marketing. To be more precise – your content marketing!

If you lack experience in content marketing and don’t have the right tools to rely on, the battle with the competition will be hard.

In this post I will list 9 tools that can help to enhance your content marketing strategy!

#1. MindNode

Mind mapping is not only for students; it’s for everyone who wants to expand a central thought, brainstorm for more ideas and end up with a successful product.

In order to make your content marketing campaign more attractive, you should spend some time in brainstorming and thinking how to connect your ideas into an end product that will attract more viewers.

MindNode will help you do that.


#2. ThingLink

The images, infographics and videos you share with your audience can be made much more engaging with the use of ThingLink – an app that enables you to create interactive material by adding links to them.

You can share the images you create with this tool via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and email.


#3. NinjaEssays

No matter what tools you use for distribution of online content, you first have to generate great content if you want to achieve success with it!

Spelling and grammar mistakes won’t go well with your audience, so you have to find a way to create flawless articles, infographics and emails before you start reaching your audience.

At essay writing service NinjaEssays, you can hire writers from all niches to help you achieve that goal, as well as editors that will improve the content you have written yourself.

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#4. Reddit

Although Reddit is a place where you can easily get lost in useless content, it’s also the best place to discover the recent trends associated to your business.

Put yourself in observing mode and see which headlines attract the most attention, so you can plan your next video, infographic, article or other marketing material.


#5. Alltop

On Alltop you can find indexed content from some of the top publications.

Find the categories your target group is interested in and use the popular articles to inspire your own content marketing campaign.


#6. InboundWriter

This optimization tool is important for all business owners, regardless of their industry. With the help of InboundWriter, you will start monitoring the topics that interest your target group and understand what improvements they would like to see.

This will help you realize what success your online content would achieve before you produce it. The topic suggestions you get from this tool will most likely reach a great audience.


#7. PRWeb

The success of your content marketing campaign will depend on the volume of meaningful audience you attract.

With the help of PRWeb, you can generate buzz by sending search-engine-optimized press releases that promote your most valuable online content to subscribers, visitors of the website, and journalists.

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#8. Slideshare

Business owners often overlook Slideshare as a beneficial content marketing tool.

This tool lets you upload and share fun infographics, presentations, videos, PDFs, documents, and even webinars. The website has millions of active users you can reach.


#9. Remember the Milk

Working on online content can easily get you confused. You have to find topics that will promote your business to a wider audience, think about ways to share them and constantly monitor the performance of your campaign.

Remember the Milk is an app that you can integrate with Evernote, Google Calendar, Twitter, Outlook, Gmail and other sources.

It will help you reinvent your to-do list and start doing everything more effectively.


Using the right tools to boost your content marketing strategy

Online content marketing is a tough challenge, but you should never doubt its effectiveness.

The best way to reach relevant audience is by creating content they would like to view and finding an effective way to distribute it to them.

These 9 tools listed above are enough to give your marketing efforts a jumpstart!

Tools That Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts by
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Robert Morris is a content marketing consultant for tech startups and small businesses, and a professional freelance blogger. Circle him on Google+!

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