3 LAST MINUTE Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Tips to Implement TODAY

Oh no, Valentine’s Day is coming!

Are you still looking for some inspiration on how to surprise your customers or your significant other?

You didn’t have the time; you were dealing with something else very important. An ad campaign, a blog post, or a Facebook contest… and you forgot to think about your own email list.

Well there is still hope.

I asked some of our friends at newsletter providers such as Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign and Pure360 to share their best practices about Valentine’s Day email marketing or to send some good examples from their customers.

Here they are.

Dean Levitt – Mad Mimi


Right before Valentine’s Day, people may be receptive to three types of email newsletters:

• The Reminder
• The Resource
• The Reassurance

Let’s call them the Three R’s of Love! Depending on your content and character, one of these may be a good fit for you and your readers.

The reminder email functions as, well, a reminder to take action since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you sell a product that’s appropriate for Valentine’s Day, remind customers that you have the perfect gift for their true love.

The resource email is a newsletter that contains a bunch of helpful tips about Valentine’s Day, whether it’s the best gifts for under $100 or tips on finding the right restaurant for your date.

A reassurance newsletter tells your readers that whoever they are, you love them and they’re alright! It’s a down-to-earth newsletter that acknowledges that not everyone enjoys Valentines day and that’s okay.

All three newsletter types will have an audience around February 14. But don’t forget to make your readers feel appreciated and loved all year round!

Dean Levitt is the Chief of Culture at Mad Mimi.


Celia Candebat – Pure360


There are two examples of nice email campaigns that you may wish to implement.

The first is an example of Worldwide Events Valentine’s campaign. It’s a B2B brand that promote their conferences and events across the world.

The below example is a great way of making the most of the Valentine’s Day holiday, as it’s not something you would necessarily associate with a conference!


Fancy a date with us? – Here is how a conference organizer promotes their events. Lovely.

Have a look at Lulu Guinness’ email below to see that they use all the Valentine’s Day colors. They also admit, that Valentine’s Day is not loved by everyone (“loved and loathed”) but a perfect occasion to gift yourself or your loved one.

They have also prepared a free gift for those who purchase.

antavo_valentinesday_email_Lulu_ Guinness

Lulu Guinness’ email is stylish as their fashion line.

Celia Candebat is a Senior Marketing Executive at Pure360.


Adam Tuttle – ActiveCampaign

When preparing email for last minute Valentines Day shoppers, here are 3 quick email marketing tips to warm the hearts (pun intended) of your contacts.

  1. Keep it simple: If people are in a rush to find the perfect gift, the last thing they want to do is spend lots of time reading about the offering you have.
  2. Use GREAT Pictures: Pictures can say 1000 words. Find image(s) you feel will capture the attention of your readers to entice them to read what you are offering
  3. Send again: For contacts who don’t read your email the first time, send it a second time, a day or two later. If they still have not purchased a gift, then with the pressure growing, your service / offering might come at exactly the right time.

Adam Tuttle is responsible for business development at ActiveCampaign.

Let’s Do This

Were these tips useful?

Did you know everything about Valentine’s Day already?

If you need some more inspiration for Valentine’s Day, check out how you can spice up your Facebook page, or how to make your unsexy product a gift-fit.

For the record Antavo integrates with Mad Mimi, AcitveCampaign and Pure360 – you can easily synchronize the collected emails leads from sweepstakes and contests to these newsletter providers.

3 LAST MINUTE Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Tips to Implement TODAY by
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