7 Valentine’s Day Facebook Marketing Tips If You Don’t Sell Lingerie

“Valentine’s day is big for businesses!!”

That is what you can hear anywhere and everywhere.

Are you worried that it’s not big for your business? Concerned that you are missing a golden opportunity?

This is understandable if you don’t sell sexy lingerie, jewelry or chocolate.

Even though your product is not directly related to Valentine’s Day, you can still make it successful.

Whatever you sell – you can still show some love to your customers on this special occasion – I will tell you how in a minute.

Who Traditionally Loves The Valentine’s Day Rush?

It seems obvious that restaurants and retailers thrive in this romantic climate. Any business selling jewelry, candy, flowers, lingerie, cards, or even condoms (25% increase in sales around Valentine’s day according to Durex) can drive sales on Valentine’s Day.

According to NRF the average planned spending was $130.97 last year.

Even pets received a slice of the indulgence with gifts costing an average of $4.52 in 2012.

If you don’t sell any of the above, but you still want some special attention then here is the solution:


Gift customers at Valentine’s Day.

If you can’t encourage people to send gifts to each other, then it’s you who should send gifts to them. Tweet this.

Sending gifts doesn’t need to be expensive, and it doesn’t need to be material. It can entail anything from a customer service initiative to a funny post on Facebook where you generate a few light-hearted laughs.

Also, it might be a perfect opportunity to grow your list, engage with customers and fans, and to drive sales.

Here are 7 Valentine’s Day Facebook marketing ideas on how you can show your love and appreciation to your customers.

All of which you can start implementing TODAY!

#1. Have a Valentine’s Offer You Can Talk About: a Discount, Free Shipping or Free Wrapping

Okay, so we just said this above, this should be your “gift”.

Offer something that you usually don’t do.

  • Free shipping: it’s one of the most wanted parts of e-commerce. In fact according to a recent eMarketer study 58% wanted free or discounted shipping the most. Tweet this.
  • Gift-wrapping: it’s a common incentive at brick and mortar shops, but even if you don’t sell chocolate and lingerie you can still offer gift-wrapping. (Remember, you gift your customer.)
  • Discount: giving a discount can actually drive sales. If you don’t do discount often, then this could be particularly effective, but days before Valentine’s day is when you should seize the opportunity.
Esprit offers 50% discount for the Valentine week with this nice visual. (50% is a lot, you don’t need to break the bank, less is okay too.)

Esprit offers 50% discount for the Valentine week with this nice visual.(50% is a lot, you don’t need to break the bank, less is okay too.)

Once you choose the V-day “catch” you can start talking about it on your channels.

#2. Show Your Inventory In a Romantic Way

Although what you sell is not typically a product people give each other as a gift – try and be a bit creative.

Your product has a real benefit! Unlike a rose, whose only benefit is its finite beauty.

Think about putting your product in a Valentine’s Day context. Andrew Pearson on Windsor Circle’s blog brings a very good example:

“Bed Bath & Beyond did a great job with this email, sent on Feb 3rd, with the subject line “Make dinner, not reservations”. It was timed very well – 11 days before Valentine’s, the email invites customers to consider making dinner at home instead of making dinner reservations – using a brand-spanking new set of knives, of course!”


How can you make a wok an attractive product to buy for your Valentine? Here is how.

The company promises a romantic cooking-night at home, rather than going out to a restaurant – this is how they connected the day of love with selling knives and saucepans.


(Moreover, spelling “LOVE” out of chopped vegetables is the icing on the cake.)

Can you imagine your product in a Valentines context? Think about how you can put your product in a romantic setting.

#3. Run a Photo Contest of The Cutest Couple or the Proudest Single Selfie

During a photo contest your community can vote for their favorite. In this example they can choose for either the cutest couple or alternatively the cutest single person in a selfie contest. You should consider which one fits your audience better.

Contests can help to enlarge your fan base and to reach the friends of fans, as entrants usually invite their friends to vote.

Typically, the number of votes count when attempting to win, but also a round of judges can help to level the playing field (others may be discouraged from participating if some entrants earn too many votes.)

This example below is from Orofluido, a hair care product for women. They were searching for the cutest couple with this photo contest and grew their list by 3,300 subscribers and 2,800 new Page Likes. In this case study you can learn more on how they achieved this.


Orofluido encouraged couples to upload photos of themselves. The entrants could win a hair treatment and some products.

We see that photo contests work most effectively when they are about people. Couples, mothers and daughters, babies, selfies, teams – they are all good. For example, the best interior designer or the nicest drawing are often less successful.

We have previously written about the psychology of contests and how to choose the right grand prize. (We know a lot about contests – this is what our company Antavo does.)

Would you run a photo contest? What would you offer as a grand prize?

#4. Give Gift Ideas

Telling people to buy your product is a bit pushy, where as including your product in a gift guide that helps people with inspiration is much softer.

If done well gift guides are something that people will share, which in turn will reach more people.

A gift guide doesn’t need to be long, think about it more like an inspiration board, like this one from blogger Joanna Goddard:


Joanna Goddard put together a gift guide – she also promotes her giveaway with it.

An opportunity to stand out is by being specific with your Valentine’s Day gift guide. You can create a list for your targeted audience. E.g. “for men between the age of 30-35”, or ”for men who like to stay at home”, or “for men who like traveling more than anything else”

Pair your product with other products that share the same audience and make it into a guide. Would you give it a try?

#5. Run a Simple Sweepstakes

Running sweepstakes centers on the idea of gifting your fans with the opportunity of winning something.

Sweepstakes are chance-based promotions where they need to enter by giving their details, or answering a question correctly.

Hamilton and Hare the male underwear company teamed up with other brands serving the same audience for an “Anti Valentine Sweepstakes” – as they say, without a single love heart in sight.


Hamilton and Hare gave away a group of goodies in exchange for an email address.

This company used a great design and well selected grand prizes, but they used a simple opt-in form.

If you wanted to increase the efficiency of the sweepstakes you may want to consider using a promotion app, like this company below:


Subscribers could win a bag. They needed to give their name and email address, and could increase their chances of winning by inviting friends.

These are the features of the best sweepstakes:

  • Multiple prizes are drawn: it’s okay to have lower value prizes, as the chances of winning are higher.
  • Having the viral element: if subscribers invite friends, they increase their chances of winning.
  • Mobile compatibility: 78% of Facebook users use the social network from mobile, but by default Facebook doesn’t show apps on mobile. Make sure that you use a tool like Antavo that has a workaround to display apps on mobile.

A sweepstakes is easier to enter for the subscriber than a contest (#3.) as the barrier to entry is lower.

Do you think a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes is a fit for your business? What is the grand prize you would give away?

We collected the most good-looking sweepstakes here to help you with inspiration.

#6. Add a Romantic Flare to Your Logo or Cover Photo

Natalie Beigel from PrestaShop suggests dressing up your logo to spread the love, just like Google does every year.


Google creates something new every year. In the past, they have created doodles for the special days of the year.

Or you can change your cover photo to match the Valentine’s Day theme, or to display some call to action.


We changed the background of our cover photo, and informed our followers that we added new templates that marketers can use for the occasion.

#7. Post Inspirational Quotes Even If You Don’t Do It Normally

People like to share things they agree with. Melanie Duncan sometimes posts inspirational quotes to her Facebook Page (not often though) and her audience is keen to share them.

If you don’t normally post these quotes maybe Valentine’s day is a good occasion to try something new and see if these kinds of posts work for your fans.


Melanie Duncan often posts inspirational quotes to her Page. Those who agree share the post.

To gain some inspiration there are some great lovey dovey quotes on Pinterest.

Also, check out our “How to cash in on the day of love” infographic from last year that can help unsexy products to position themselves as a gift-fit for Valentine’s day.

Over to You

Did you find some ideas worth implementing above? Do you already know what your “gift” will be?

Le us know in the comments below.

I love you that much for reading this far. You are awesome!


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Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is CMO and co-founder of Antavo, a marketing tool to create sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to Facebook, mobile and web. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn!
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